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Welcome to Hancock's Sound Programming for the 2020-2021 School Year! - Friday, March 27, 2020

Programming Information from Ms. Ayesh

Virtual Programming Grades (Class of 2021, 2022, 2023):

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 and school closures, Programming for the 2020-2021 school year will resume virtually. Your school counselor will contact you to schedule a meeting via Google. Please review the directions for selecting courses and scroll down below for counselor caseload.

Class of 2024 Inbound Freshman: Outreach and support for your programming is forthcoming. A Hancock Staff member will contact you!

To View Hancock's Course Catalog:

  • Click View Top Tab-Course Catalog
  • Click on the Respective Department
    • Begin clicking on the course you are interested in learning more about


Sound Programming Log-In:

  •  Log in using the following information
    • Username=First.Last (i.e. Jane.Doe) (See your counselor if you have problems with your username)
    • Password=Cps+ID number (i.e. Cps12345678)
  • If you are unable to log-in, please ensure you are not using spaces and remember only the C is capitalized in your password 

One-On-One Student Scheduling with Your School Counselor:

 Additional Helpful Information:

  • Once you are logged in you can view the Hancock Course Catalog.
  • You can pick your classes for the 2020-2021 school year by clicking on “choices” under the “edit button”
    • You can view the classes you are allowed to take next year by clicking the boxes to the left of the department names- under Courses. 
    • No Classes in Sound Programming are Verified as Approved until you meet with your school counselor
  • In order to complete this scheduling phase, click on the class (you want and drag it) to the First Choice box. Keep in mind that you can select and drag the classes from the Courses side or the Teacher Recommendation side. You must select 7 classes and three alternates. 
  • You also need to add three alternate courses to the Second Choices box.  These are the alternate classes you will take in the case that there is a conflict with one of your primary selections. Alternate courses are a real possibility to appear in your schedule for the 2020-2021 school year (select wisely).
  • If you need to delete a class, just click on the box and then press Delete.
  • When you finish selecting your classes, click Register. If you don’t click “register” your classes won’t get saved. (Remember these courses are NOT finalized/approved until you meet with your school counselor).

Student Reminders:

  • Remember you must schedule a time to finalize your Sound Programming selections with your school counselor.
  •  Do not select a course that you don't really want to take, please (even for alternates)
  •  Check out our Course Catalog for more information on the course and reach out to teachers
    • AP Capstone Students (Jrs./Srs.) Must meet with Ms. Garfield to verify their program approval and AP selections 
  • Counselor Caseloads for Programming: Counselor Assignments.pdf