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Welcome to Hancock's Sound Programming 2019-2020! - Tuesday, March 5, 2019


  • Username=First.Last (i.e. Jane.Doe)   
  • Password=Cps+ID number (i.e. Cps12345678)  

  • Once you are logged in you can view the Hancock Course Catalog.
  • You can pick your classes for the 2019-2020 school year by clicking on “choices” under the “edit button”
  • You can view the classes you are allowed to take next year by clicking the boxes to the left of the department names- under Courses. If no classes appear, you MAY NOT be pre-approved to take classes in that department, but you must discuss this with your counselor during your scheduling appointment.
  • In order to complete this scheduling phase, click on the class you want and drag it to the First Choice box. Keep in mind that you can select and drag the classes from the Courses side or the Teacher Recommendation side. You must select  7 classes
  • You also need to add two (Rising Sophomores) alternates AND three (IF you are a rising Jr. and senior) alternate classes to the Second Choices box.  These are the alternate classes you will take in the case that there is a conflict with one of your primary selections.
  • If you need to delete a class, just click on the box and then press Delete.
  • When you finish selecting your classes, click Register. If you don’t click “register” your classes won’t get saved. 
  • Don't select a course that you don't really want to take, please.
  • Meet w/your Teachers to discuss potential Honors and/or AP courses beginning today. (Note: Some AP Courses require Ms. Garfield's approval)
  • **Your course selection form must be completely filled out (w/Teachers signatures) prior to seeing your Counselor.
  •   **If you do not meet with your Counselor during your grade level week, your Counselor will select your courses for go see your counselor as scheduled!!!