S ound Programming is a web-based system that allows students, faculty and administration to manage all aspects of the course registration process online, 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world! With ample experience, we have a deep understanding of the entire process.

Of the many features included in Sound Programming, some favorites include real-time statistics, elimination of paper, increased accuracy, time savings and ease of use.

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Save Paper

Sound Programming eliminates the need for paper copies of course requests. Say good-bye to carbon copies. Students, teachers & counselors access everything online. In the event you do need to print something, Sound Programming has got you covered: PDFs, spreadsheets and even Word documents can easily be generated with the click of a button.

Eliminate Errors

No more straining your eyes trying to decipher a student’s handwriting. Users simply drag-and-drop courses, click check-boxes or choose options from a drop-down list. Additionally, students only have access to the courses they’re supposed to have access to. Counselors also only see the advisories they manage. Administrators can have access to everything in addition to seeing real-time statistics.

Save Time

Remember when you spent weeks, manually entering in each student’s choices? Sound Programming lifts this burden by interfacing with IMPACT and uploads all student choices in less than 24 hours! Furthermore, Sound Programming is smart enough to avoid problems when students or courses are missing from IMPACT.

How do we install Sound Programming?

Sound Programming is what is known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and exists in “the cloud.” This means your school’s IT department has nothing to install, configure or maintain.

How much does Sound Programming cost?

Sound Programming is a service that has a yearly fee. Please contact us to learn more about pricing.

Can Sound Programming be customized?

Sound Programming can be customized to support your needs. However, in order to ensure a high level of quality we need ample time to test any new functionality. Please contact us to start the discussion today!

How does Sound Programming interface with IMPACT?

When your school is ready to upload simply contact support and we handle all the details.

Can Sound Programming generate PDFs?

Yes, PDFs can be generated at the click of a button.

Does Sound Programming come with support or training?

Yes, Sound Programming comes with PDF documentation. Additionally, our support staff can be contacted via email and will respond within 24 hours (if not sooner.) On-site training is also available, however, as the system is quite user-friendly most schools choose not to schedule it.

Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Exactly the way we wanted to do registration.
Assistant Principal, Whitney Young
Registration went wonderfully this year and I know we are one of the few schools prepared to meet the deadline!
CLMSB, Payton College Prep
I’m a strong advocate for Sound Programming as it streamlines the registration process.
CLMSB, Benito Juarez
We do like the system as a way of creating a student centered course enrollment process.
Chief Officer, Office of School Improvement
It’s like iTunes. Just drag-and-drop!
Student, Whitney Young
That was real fast. It would have taken me almost an hour to do that.
CLMSB, Lindblom Math & Science Academy